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Don't Raise Volume

It is difficult to focus when you have been drenched from the office work, traveling and pressure to perform better. In essence, you aren’t aiming to focus on any work. Rather you would like to loosen up and watch some TV.

But then you got a better idea. Why surf on the TV and jump around to get to your favorite show. You might as well watch some Netflix. You search and then it hits you – your favorite show hasn’t sold their rights. And hence they are independently available on their unique website.

You make peace with it and start watching the show. It is free to watch the show – you rejoice. And then your show is interrupted with an advert. You watch it for mandatory 10 seconds and skip the ad.

And then after 20 minutes, another advert hit the screen. This time you can’t take it anymore. And you pull out your earphones for the first 10 seconds. And then skip the ad. After some time, there comes a third advert which has the possibility to interest you. But you don’t know that- because the moment you see the advert you pull out the earphones.

Loud Music

The website decided on a trick which they thought would yield more clicks through ad. And it turned out to be a disaster. As soon as the ad would come, they would turn up the volume. Hence you would pull out the earphones as soon as ad would come along.

By switching up the volume, the ad company made a choice- that they would make their offer louder so everyone would hear it. But they forgot about the fact that pulling out of earphone is still a choice when you are in home. The ad companies do the same thing while you are in a movie theater. Because you don’t have a choice to shut your ears.

But sitting at your home, enjoying your collection of shows by a choice is a different game altogether.


Ad companies need to evolve and work on a simple principle- make the offer louder and not the volume. If the offer, ad movie or the story is irresistible then a mere whisper could do the trick.

You don’t have to use the megaphone to reach everyone. Work on your offer and make sure the customer sees value in it. Then even a no voice ad would work. Because you are connected with the story, offer and value. Go ahead and eliminate the noise, interruption and vague promises.

Next time you have to convey something to someone, don’t raise your voice. Instead make sure something of value comes from your vocal chords.

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