Don't Mess With Writer

Writing is a difficult job because it requires you to sit down everyday and put your thoughts into words. And then the world is open to the interpretations of it. Sometimes the chord is struck and other times it doesn’t ring a bell.

Along the way, few people join in and then some more. Also midway many drop out. And then few new people join in.

It’s cool to have an audience who says here I am ready to listen. And it’s cool if there ain’t one. Writers who are passionate have this urge to pen down words for themselves to see many years ahead. Also while they write the thoughts need to be coherent. So it helps them in their decision making too. Over all it is a fun process but the payoff is huge and low at the same time.


You can’t make money by selling books or subscription. Because by statistics only few percentages of authors make a living that way. So you shouldn’t write to earn money – if it comes then it is a by product.

There are tonnes of word in this internet. So much that you can’t read them all in your lifetime. And more tonnes of word is added to that every second. This the scale of billions of people and the accessibility of internet. Because anyone can write – so anyone is writing.

Despite all this, I believe everyone should write daily. Because it is a habit which pays for itself.

Your thoughts will get clear and overall if you put down words, promises and perspectives it will come back to you.


Many writers struggle to write down daily because they get overwhelmed and writing daily isn’t something on top of their priorities.

On the other hand, if a writer promises to write daily then she will write daily. It doesn’t matter what – she will turn that into gold or at least try to. The challenge isn’t to write the best work ever. It is the rather the discipline of writing daily – good, bad or great it will be judged later. For now, just sit down and write.

For that, you need ideas and when you need to write daily you have to source information from everywhere.

So next time if you mess up with a writer, I am damn sure your words or argument will come in some sort of article or some short story or some perspectives in a book.

Pro tip: when you meet me leave with a nice impression with some gold ideas, I will source it from you.