Don’t Let It Stick

Pause right there and look back. Many times it is necessary to see all the things which came before – maybe not all of it but definitely highlights. If it is a YouTube career you want to start then looking at all the channels that came back can give you some path.

Of course, slowly you can and should find your own path, but it helps seeing what worked and didn’t worked before.

Also, you can find the voices so that you can work on yourself to bring something new and not some rehashed material which people don’t want to watch.

It’s tough to become a creator, more difficult to do it everyday without any reward and horrendous to choose it as a only career path. Small creators who seek out their passion find it difficult to have a path to get satisfaction and reward. That’s why they choose the middle ground – something to earn a living and use other time to fuel their creative passion.

How do you think I came to this conclusion – by simply looking back and the people who have done it both. Those who do creative, passionate projects without any financial backing are most doomed.

First secure a paycheck and then work on your love on weekends, holidays and other time as you find them.

Nothing is guaranteed to work, everyone is trying. But having a source of living helps you to focus without any high hopes on your creative field. So if it doesn’t work you are not at rock bottom – it’s just another day for you and boom you are back again to do the next project.

New Day

Every day comes and you do the same repetitive tasks – it is fine as long as you are doing what you love and makes you feel awesome.

Whenever something happens arbitrary in your life, you resort to the resolution game. For example, when new year comes you resolve to never eat junk food. Or when your friend from high school comes and meet you randomly – seeing her more successful than you makes you jealous so you resolve to leave the current job asap.

And many more things as such – but deep down you forget about it. Because it isn’t coming from a place of heart and passion.

You made the resolution only because of peer pressure in new year and with jealousy when you met your old friend.

If you feel you need to stop eating junk food then stop eating junk food – you don’t need to wait for new year then resolve and then stop eating junk food. In larger scheme of things, all of this is just excuse to not do anything.

What if you get clarity on what you want exactly – it is happiness, money, impact or a mixture of those.

Because when you are crystal clear on your desires then you can work accordingly. For example, if your goal is to be happy then you don’t need to chase infinite money. Or if you want to explore ways to impact people’s live then you don’t need to worry about your work hours – you want the end result to impact more people.

So get focused on finding what you want and then create a lifestyle around that. Once you do that, many things will unfold automatically.

Bad Habits

Many people aspire to incorporate new good habits. And struggle a lot – some succeed and many fail in the process.

Of course, whatever you feel like accomplishing create new habits around that area. But it is wise to look within yourself to find the current bad habits which are stopping you from achieving your full potential.

For example, if you want to lose weight but you eat junk food in breakfast then it is time to stop that bad habit first. And then create a new habit of eating cereals at home.

Try something new, stop something existing – do a mix of both. And no matter what the outcome, keep pushing yourself to make something.