Don’t Let Fear Take Over You

In college, giving the completed assignments was a dreaded task. Because you didn’t finish them on time and the last-minute effort didn’t pan out.

As you enter the classroom, you could feel the intensity in the air. Everyone’s eyes are looking at you, and you can hear your breathing.

The fear has kicked in, and your nervous behaviour is visible to everyone, including your teacher. She had made up her mind to not check for assignments but sensing your fear; she grabbed the opportunity.

Why do teachers love to punish the kids? But then again, that a narrative you like to play because you are the one who is not complying. And the teacher merely is doing her job.

More Than Job

Sure doing just enough of what is required from your job is a safe way. But that will become a dangerous way for you to level yourself.

Things are changing rapidly. And if you are waiting for the work to show up and instructions to follow, then chances are it might stop one day.

Hence here is an opportunity for you to see beyond the regular duties, engage and take risks. Do more of the emotional labour and bring in the sense of community, leadership and generosity.

Sure if you aren’t feeling like the company is seeing your essential work then start preparing to leave. But wherever you are – do more and take in more responsibilities so that you level up on your own.

Sitting around and waiting often delays your promotion and you don’t cope up with the changing times.

Fear Kicks In

Do you remember your college debate competition? You almost pulled out your name. But then you stood in for the status and pride.

The words weren’t coming out of your mouth, the hands were shaking, and you couldn’t look into the audience. You blabbered some words, stitched together the ending and fled from the scene.

Proposing to your first crush seemed like an uphill battle. Of course, there was this fear of rejection in your Brian. Also, you were frozen and were rambling for 5 minutes before you could make any sense of your talking. And in the end when she was about to leave, you said those dreaded words – I Love You.

The Possible Outcomes

When you think about all the possible outcomes which happened, you can see the bright light. Sure, enough, the fear told you about all the bad consequences, but in reality, it doesn’t matter.

Proposing your crush seemed like the worst possible decision. But in either way, you get away ahead. If she says yes, then you can rejoice. And if she says No later you can try your luck somewhere else. But you needn’t worry because she isn’t going to bite you unless you behave in the wrong manner.

Like this in life most of the times, fear is amplified because of your upbringing, history of cave humans and narratives.

So take that public speaking exercises, try some new things, reach out for possibilities. As long as the worse is an emotional fear, you can overcome it. For example, sure you need to be in fear and act accordingly when a lion comes up. But you don’t need to fear for making something you like, trying new things or learning.