Don’t Compromise Today For Worries Of Tomorrow

The last day of human existence is this weekend. And everyone including you, me and that cat who didn’t care about anything but food will phase out. It will be in an instant such that you won’t feel any pain.

For a moment you exist and then next moment you won’t. Think about it and you will realize it is a scary feeling.

Many movie and series adaptation have happened which fuels this idea. Sometimes it is in comedy genre and other times it is a thriller where everyone dies except there comes a hero. Someone who is ordinary, full of mistakes and bad decision. But somehow they will crack all code, connect all dots and emerge victorious by saving the world.

But for what – another day filled with hate crimes, people who suffer for lack of resources and other people enjoy the prestige position where they can talk about climate control. The gap of human surviving condition is so huge that sometimes it feels there is a class among humans.

Some are inferior and others feel superior. Not because they have wealth or status – just because they are.

But on the other hand, a young girl is sharing flowers encouraging people – random strangers to smile and have a nice day.

Another guy who doesn’t have enough for himself shares the loaf of bread with another stranger because he can understand the pain of hunger.

The world is chaotic and yet it is what it is. Sometimes cruel, sometimes fulfilling and most of the times a mess. Join in and let’s make it beautiful one step a time, one connection at a time.


Whatever you plan for tomorrow, there is always an if. And there is no way you can be sure of what’s going to come next.

Of course, your today’s action will bring in rewards in future but there is always an uncertainty and you see it that way to bring out the best in you – today.

For example, if you want to do something today and there comes a fear that you will be exhausted for tomorrow’s work then what should you do? Please note here work means same thing – writing daily, dancing daily or swimming daily.

My hope and assertion is to go ahead and give your best shot today. Because if you hold yourself up for tomorrow, then you will hold it again and you may never reach your best potential.

On the flip side, if you keep on delivering your best then tomorrow you will somehow give your best on that day and so on. So your progress will keep on moving in the forward direction. Never fear of giving out less today because there isn’t anything remaining for tomorrow.

This applies strongly to any creative work you might be doing. Make your best painting today, try again tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if you succeed or not, the act of doing and shipping a good product is the reward itself.

One Thought

Too many variables often ruin the moment. When you are focused on the now, you can bring out the best in you.

Go ahead and make a commitment to do something – just that thing and nothing else. It can be anything like drawing, watching educational video, taking notes, etc. Once you have made up your mind, go ahead and set up the scene and do the thing.

For that moment, your mobile might ring, facebook might interrupt or the latest instagram stories would seem something like the most important thing.

But if you focus on that work alone and do it for the time period say 1 hour, you will realize, you have done more than any time you tried before. The output is something you are proud of and now looking back at all the distractions – they were anything but urgent. Do this exercise for 2 to 3 times and you will realize that focusing on many times only makes you keep jumping doing the half finished thing.

Instead do the work that matters to you – polish it and then once it is done, you can and should go and experience other things. But unless you have done the work for which you have made huge promises, doing everything else is a disservice.

So for better tomorrow, go ahead and make something today. Not great or worst – something good enough and maybe something you are proud to share with the world.

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