Don’t Be Evil

Humans are at the highest chain in animal kingdom. At this point, you can’t categorise a human as an animal – it might be taken as an insult.

At the same time, there are humans who see animals as their family, and won’t take it easy if you call them animal. For sure, humans are on the weird side of the narrative.

One of the best things that happened to humans is the language. That’s how you communicate, and most of the things you are capable of – has followed from their. So ability to understand each other on a deeper level is a beautiful trait.

Also, you need to give the luck a fair amount of credit. Imagine if the evolution happened once again- what are the chances that you will come again as humans. What if some other species develop opposable thumbs and language before apes could.

What if the world would run by peacocks..? And you and me would be at some zoo, if lucky. Or at the forest struggling for the food and fear for our lives.

The Influence

In nature there is no right or wrong – there is just survival. And you do what you feel is necessary to see the sun one more time. Animals therefore has another meaning to it. When some humans indulge in activities which are deemed immoral with pleasure, they are called animals.

Nature is brutal – there you get killed, exploited and many wrong things happen. But everyone is basically doing it for three main reasons – reproduction, survival and maintaining their dominance.

You humans are different – or at least the thousand of years has made us into more empathetic behaviour. Your basic needs aren’t something you need to worry about. So now, there are other rules and ambitions by which you play. And there are certain things which as a society has been agreed is right or wrong.

It can change over time- that’s the liberty. The assumption is you will always go towards to more peaceful, caring and loving society. Hence, homosexual wasn’t legal and now in many countries it is.

And you raise your kids with that influence of right and wrong. You encourage them to do the right things and discourage to do the bad things.

It’s all about influence. Your influence, friends and colleagues. But what if the perspective isn’t learnt the same way it is taught. Sure those are exceptions but that do exist.

No amount of right influence always makes the best kids. After a kid has her rationality – she leans to one thing or another. And for most kids it’s their upbringing or influence. But for some kids, it’s what they want to get influenced by.

The best thing is to not take credit for a kids good behaviour or feel bad for their bad behaviour RI.

But either way, do your part in teaching the correct moral values. That’s the most important step – the first nudge.

The Reality

The moral values which you teach is easy to implement and take notes when you are young. But when you go to the real world – you see people taking advantage, doing all sorts of bad things and getting more success than the people who are honest and do all the right things.

It becomes sad quickly and you wonder where all the teachings had gone. Was there any kind of merit to that in the first place or it was just talk.

So you get used to it and accept the fate that if you are honest and do things by the book, you are bound to get hit bad by people around you. It is the new normal society had created for you and that’s how you will need to live.

Not Perfect And Bias

If you are the one who has been punished for doing good then it is easy to see only the ones who are bad and successful. But if you open up the perspective then you can see the world is a beautiful place.

Sure it isn’t anywhere near the way you have been taught and principles around you are supposed to live.

But there is a mix. Good people success and so do bad people. Good people fail and so do bad people. Success has got nothing to do with how you behave.

So at this point, you need to make a choice – you shouldn’t be a good person because it is rewarding. There is no correlation. Rather you should be a good person just because.

The Cost Of Being Bad

If you choose to be a bad or evil person, sure you can be successful and sometimes faster. But the price you will pay that – you will be an evil person all your life.

There will be sometimes when you will have all the money, fame and success but you couldn’t sleep at night. The things you do will keep to haunt you.

But if you choose the good path, maybe you won’t be that successful but you will be at the height. And no matter what – you could sleep peacefully at night.


How do you want others to treat you – with respect, empathy and kindness. That’s the most common human nature. Even the bad person want good things.

Here is the question – if you except such things, shouldn’t you behave along the same lines. Because it is reciprocated. If you are a food fella, others around will be good to you. And you will feel good about yourself.

Don’t this for a reward, for others or make a statement. Do it because when given choice between good and evil – you want to choose good.

The fallacy would be to think that good people are rare and it might be around your place. But as Gandhiji said – be the change you want to see in the world. It starts with you, the culture. We all are counting on you – take the right step and lead to a better society.