Doing Something Is Easy

Fitness is a big New Year revolution every year. On the first day of New Year, many people join in to go to the gym. On the first day of the second month, almost all the people drop from their gym membership.

What’s going on here?

Often the high energy comes from friends and family, so you say that the goal is to lose weight. But it has to come from within you, so the will power is strong.

And the second reason, people quit the gym is because there is no outcome which you can see – the weight doesn’t get less, your belly fat still exists, and your body aches. Even if you stick for 6 months and you do exercise, then chances are you won’t lose that much weight.

The reason is simple – exercise isn’t the best way to lose weight. It helps you to gain muscles and strengths, of course, your fat will burn, but the process is slow.

Compare that to going on a diet – when you restrict the food intake, it takes more energy, will power and strength than to go to the gym. But this contrasts pays off because the result is more evident compared to exercise. Go on a diet for 1 month, and you can lose 1 to 2 kg. This would imply that more people should do dieting rather than exercise because their goal is to lose weight simply.

But that is far from the truth – not many people choose to diet because it involves not doing something – not eating your favorite food, which is difficult.

Compare that to exercise is merely doing something extra while you gulp down your favorite calorie-rich food.

Doing exercise is easy, not eating food is hard – but the fastest way to lose weight remains the dieting – go to a doctor and incorporate a diet to lose weight as per your body tolerance. Want to know what is optimal – exercising and dieting at the same time.