Do You Overthink About What Is Going To Happen?

Going out with friends is a common hangout theme. And every year you want to go out somewhere fun, new and photo-worthy. So you start zeroing on the options – as per your budget.

After about 3 locations, you think of the preference of food of ‘X’ friend. So you redo your list.

But then you search the weather and you think that not everyone will like rain when they are traveling – so you are eliminating all your options. You keep doing these because something or other keeps on coming which isn’t in alignment with your friends or you.

You take a deep sigh. There seems no way that you can find a good location which is without objection to everyone.

So you put everything to thrash and ask your friend to plan a trip. And you end up going to a place with limited food choice, rain and lots of trouble. But still, everyone enjoyed it and becomes one of the memorable trips of your life.

And that place was the first choice which you had eliminated because of various objections they might have had. How did these happen…?

Not Reality

Often how you play things in your mind don’t happen in reality. For example, when you happen to have a fight with your best friend, you might think that they will not talk for weeks. Or will be irrational when you go to patch things up.

But the next day, they have already forgotten and are talking naturally. So it happens that you over analysis things in your mind.

And the reality isn’t that complex. It is simple things with simple outcomes. So stop over complicating things or thinking about the same in your mind. The true measure of complexity is by actions. So act with positive hope and let their actions be judged. Not some imaginative to and fro which is never going to happen.

Likewise Everywhere

In relationships, it happens often that you would overthink on issues. But the reality is simple as it can be.

And all those over complicating things you imagine don’t happen often. It is all the extreme scenario your mind is thinking and preparing for the worst. But that way you are living in hell.

Be optimistic, do the work and let the reality tell you whether you need to think deeper next time.

If your partner resolves an issue in one day then thinking multiple variables is often a waste and you could use that energy to initiate the remedy process.

An analysis is a great thing. And it helps you to take a better decision, do better things and have favorable outcomes. Over-analysis not so much.