Do You Care Enough

Heavy rains disrupt transportation. Often the electricity gets cut off to avoid major complications. So when it started raining harsh in the evening, I rushed to the nearby shade.

Since it was a sudden fall of water, I had no umbrella or raincoat. The shade where I stood was a hospital.

And I could smell the medicines. There is something about medicines which makes you sick if you aren’t already. The whole aura reminds you that there are many germs, virus, and pain in the environment. At this moment, you want to get out of it asap.

But the rain had other plans. I couldn’t go because I had no cover for my phone so chances were it would get wet. And at this day and age, you know people are okay if they get hurt but they can’t let their phones take any damage. Evident from the fact that you have cover for your mobile phones but you might risk going without a helmet in the bike.

I had to kill time because I anticipated that the rain would stop soon. And so I did the most productive thing ever.

I started watching cat videos…

The Guilt

As soon as I watched the first cat videos, there came suggestions of dog, kid and goat videos. And the resistance was less, so I clicked them. And clicked some more.

Before I realized, half an hour had already passed. By this time, I wasn’t even paying attention to the rain. My attention was engrossed in the funny goat videos – oh my god, the voices they make.

Nothing is free in this world, everything comes at a cost. Sometimes it is evident and sometimes it is subtle.

There came an ad for cancer patients. I looked at them and realized I don’t want anything to do with it.

But the ad won’t go away. Because it is an unskippable ad. I have had to watch it. So I rolled my eyes and somehow completed the ad. Boom, by the time ad, finished – the rain had stopped. And since, I wasn’t really paying attention to the ad, I realized it.

So boom, I ran…


At this point, it is easy to know about this person and scream – INSENSITIVE. But you have to take a step back.

Because caring for every cause isn’t a thing.

There are so many causes that it is impossible for you to care deeply for everything. Yes, you can rationally understand them but not back each one of them.

For example, if your mother died because of cancer then it is easy for you to feel for cancer causes than polio patients. So let’s hold our judgement and focus on your pain points. And we need everyone – someone who cares deeply about cancer, someone who goes to lengths to save dogs and so on.

Because if you all care about cancer and everything else gets neglected then it is a bad situation.

So let people care for the causes they want to care about. You do you – I trust that you do care. But for the causes, you feel deeply about.

Now go make something happen.