Do The Work That Matters To You

Internet can take your time and spend all of it in a meme and you won't realize where all of it went. The way to grow as a human being is to do things which pushes you.

It can be writing, editing or skating but all of these involves that you spend your time learning. And if you want ot learn, you need to focus on that one thing the first thing in the morning.

Because if you let it slip, all the other distractions will catch up. And next thing you know, it's bed time. And you will end up saying - let's do this tomorrow.

Same Routine, New Day

You will be surprised on how much your life falls into a routine. If you spend 4 hours watching reels on Instagram then that's what you will do instinctively.

Your aim should be to incorporate your work that matters to you in your routine. The best time to do that is first thing in the morning. Get up and study, time will slow down for you. Focus on that one thing and give it your all.

Do it for the next 100 days and it's your routine to study, grow and become better.

Or Find Your Jam

The idea is to get your routine going for you. When you do at least the one priority thing for self properly then the rest of the day is okay.

It's okay to spend your time mindlessly scrolling when you know you have given 3 hours for your project. And once a particular project is done, find something else which helps you grow as a human being.

Else your time will be captured by mind numbing things. Don't let Internet control you. Use it to grow learn and make an impact. Go create!