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Do The Hard Work

That’s the only way to go – you can’t sit around and wait for a magic pill to come. Because there ain’t any. So stop dreaming about the things which might change you drastically. Because if that’s going to happen then it will happen only if you stand up and do the hard work.

Not the work of enthusiasm where you do something for one day, one week or one month. But rather the daily task of showing up. Each day you get up and decide you are going to do this thing – be it a dance practice, learning how to talk or swim. Show up and do the work. There is no other way than this – if you are waiting for motivation then you are partly doomed.

The excellence isn’t getting motivation and doing things. But rather it is the choice of showing up despite not feeling motivated.

When you are down – you get up and do the hard work regardless. And that’s how you make something of value. Go make something.

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