Do It On Time

Water is the biggest necessity in life. Rest everything comes second, third and so on. If you don’t have food then you can survive for weeks. But without water, you will not have the energy to get up and do anything. And your body will give up almost within few days.

As such it is a cruel thing to say no when someone asks for water. And considering many companies have made a business out of selling packaged water, it seems something is messed up. Because in many areas of the Earth there are people without access to clean water.

If you are an entrepreneur then consider making a solution such that everyone gets access to water. Or maybe something to convert dirty water into clean water cheap and at scale.

Also if you are at the crossroad of life where you feel like everything is going downhill then it is wise to consider that 80 percent of your anxiety will be solved by either sleep, undisturbed thoughts in free time, drinking water or going for a walk.

That’s how important things are – do them in time when you feel like hell. Because if you do it later then it ain’t worth much. If you feel fatigued then you need to rest now, if you feel thirsty then drink water now. Don’t suppress the feeling of need because time is of essence.

Your Work

Now, of course taking care of yourself – as such in food, water and other such things is important. But a big part of your work – the one which matters a lot will be done by the use of calendar.

Because time is limited and you need to put the work you want to do at certain times, also allot people time and many other things.

If you miss a certain thing then chances are you won’t do them again. So it will be just missed from your schedule forever and if this kicks in you will miss a lot of things despite being on your calendar.

The alternative is to make sure the moment you get the notification – stop everything and do the work which you want. Because it will build a habit for other such things and when you do it on time, it will translate to you doing the work daily because of your calendar. And maybe that’s the whole point of using calendar and being efficient, productive and doing work that matters.

Time Is Precious

Almost everything can be made back – money, house, relationship and so on. But time once gone never comes back. Not until some scientist makes the time machine for real. Till then you have limited value of time.

So treat it like that. Value your own time and also others. Streamline your days and do the work always on time. And for others, prioritize different people and you will live a good life.

Something you will be proud of. And now go and schedule something on your calendar – and if there is something to be done, do it now.