Disrespecting Isn’t Cool

When you see someone sharing their perspectives on things which is contrary to your own, then you have two choices. Listen patiently and try to understand things from a different angle.

Or wait for that person to finish so that you can make fun of her and boast about your viewpoint because you think that is the correct one.

The second choice is easy. And it’s disrespecting. One way to understand is to imagine you speaking about something passionately. Once you are done, the other person makes up a sarcastic joke and laughs. You will feel belittled, and that isn’t a great feeling.

Here are possible scenarios when two people have a difference in opinion –

Both of you are wrong. One of you is wrong. Or both of you are right. The chances of you being wrong are more than you being right.

Considering this, it makes sense to be open-minded and go with the first choice and let the other person speak.

And your goal should be to understand their rationale. You don’t have to agree with them. Just be empathetic towards them so that they can reciprocate the same towards you. This habit will help you in your career, being a better person, and doing the right thing.