Disconnect Between Audience And You

Creative projects bring people closer because whatever you do aligns with their idea. For example, when you write about the social issues in your city, there will be people in your city who care enough with social issues.

So they will find you, stick around and give their inputs. Sometimes you can lead them where you want to go. And if that doesn’t ring much bell, you can tweak how you speak to get more people influenced and get going.

Disagreement is a big part of the game. There is no way you can make everyone happy and you shouldn’t even try.

Instead of feeding what people want to hear, you need to make your voice strong and say firmly what you believe in. Some people will drop off, some new ones will join but whatever the outcome, it will be a fulfilling journey.

Because you aren’t hiding under some sugar coated words. Your words are something you own and you accept things when you are wrong and are eager to learn from your mistakes.

The Disconnect

You shouldn’t try to convert a cricket fan into a football fan just because you are one of the football crazies.

Instead you should seek out to connect with other football fan club and build a community around it. But the problem happens when you try to connect with the right people and still they don’t get you. It hurts a little to know that you have the right audience but they aren’t getting you.

It happened with me in the dance videos which I have been creating for a long time. People used to leave nasty comments and I considered all of them as hate.

Of course it was a display of hate but it originated because I was dancing horribly. But I continued anyway. Somewhere along the way my friend pointed out that I didn’t catch any beats so no matter what I did, it ended up looking bad.

The moment she pointed it out, I couldn’t unsee it. Everywhere I see a dance video, I relate it to beat catching and now I can clearly see how beat is supposed to be catched.

The Band-Aid

Once you see the disconnect with the audience you are hoping to serve, it is time to do something to amend it. And now I dance with the intention to catch beats. And boy many of the hate comments stopped.

Now, I get occasional bad comments because now I am an okay dancer. At least I catch the beats now. Working now to make it better with different and new steps – with a bit of charisma.

If the disconnect is because there is a mix of audience who isn’t your actual audience then it is fine. Else, seek to find the remedy and work on it. Regardless have conviction and keep making something.

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