Dinner A Love Story

Dinner A Love Story

Your dinner is the best meal you will have each day. And it's the love story which keeps redefining how your relationships will be. And as such, it's important you pay attention to your dinner. It's a love story you don't want to mess up.

Let's explore dinner and all it's stories around it...

How To Wow Someone

When you are looking to flatter someone, it's easy to do all the wrong things. Because the advise is often generic and you end up doing silly things. The right way is often to understand the person and do something that's personal, intimate but with consent.

For example, if you want to wow someone who loves animals then you can gift a animal theme t-shirt or propose to go on a zoo or animal shelter. And as such, you will be seen as thoughtful and chances of you becoming closer will be more.

There are other tactics like grooming yourself, promoting yourself as the desired and then giving your 100 per cent effort.

In all of these, there is one thing which stands out. And often is the most intimate thing which you will do. And it's dinner - food it is.

Food And Closeness

Food is the most intimate thing which you can do with other person. When you open up to eating, you open up yourself. And so when you can secure a food date, you have cracked half the approach.

Be it you trying to have an impression on an investor, love partner or relatives - a food dinner is the best thing you can do. It's when you are vulnerable and at your relaxed state.

As such, when you are close with someone - make a conscious effort to have dinner together with that person or your family. Skip everything but when it's dinner time, sit down and eat together. And a pro tip here is to skip the smartphone. Because when you are eating with loved ones and relaxing - your stories comes up and you share a common bond.

And with shared memory over food, your bond grows even more. Eat more or less, eat with spoon or hands, eat semi-cooked or over-cooked, just eat together and enjoy the shared space. Dinner time is the best time to water your love story and make it grow even more.

Empty Stomach Isn't Good

If you are starving then you can't think properly and do anything productive. And as such, the first thing you need to do is eat and be healthy. Else, everything falls apart easily. A full stomach can think of many things but an empty stomach thinks of only food.

As such, it's important that whenever you are interacting with an important person - make sure they are fed well. And if not sure, meet at a buffet, they can take a drink or a full platter. And chat along.

And when you are eating together - a sense of intimacy is introduced and you can open up with your ideas. And the other person will be receptive of your ideas.

Now, think about spending time with your loved ones. The ideal way is to roam around in beautiful places and spend time together. But time flies when you are with your loved ones. Because of theory of relativity - it's an amazing concept. Think of it as this - when you are with someone you hate then the time seems to pass slowly. But when you are with someone you love then the time flies by. It's like magic - you don't even know and almost 10 hours might have been passed.

This is a good thing when you are in love. But so much time without food is bad. As explained - empty stomach can't love. So, whenever you are spending time with loved ones, plan eating times in advance. So that, you are constantly having eating breaks. And ideally end your date with dinner date - that's a perfect way to end your day's love story.

Put In The Effort

Since you would be spending so much time and that too precious ones for your dinner love story - make it count.

Yes, the atmosphere of dinner and the spending time is important but so is the actual food. If you are eating similar food everyday for dinner then that's not a good spice to your life.

Instead, do things to spice up your dinner and your love story. Let's say you are married - then cook 3 meals yourself and other 3 by your loved partner. And on Sunday, eat out at restaurant.

When you invest your time and energy in cooking food, you develop a sense of involvement. And your partner can sense it. There is so much magical things you can do with food. Keep one day a month to experiment new things and you will find out new variance and find magic. Over the human evolution, the thing that has developed the most is the food. There is so much varied innovation in food that there is so much variety in food, you can taste culture while tasting food.

You can use this as a hack too - whenever you go to a new place, try to eat their local food - even if for one day. Because that's the way you can see how their culture is tied and have grown.

Want to experience life, then speak with older generation and eat together with them. Spend time together being intimate doing things like eating, playing and seeing stars. And you get an amazing sense of life through the years.

A Love Story In Dinner

Every dinner won't be epic. And it doesn't need to. Being in the same space as your loved ones while eating does the magic. And when there is tasty food, you talk and then conversations happen. And often it's all that is needed.

For every love story to flourish, you need preparation, execution and consistency to get to it. And spice to maintain it. And guess what, a beautiful dinner does the same thing.

Next time when you are having dinner - be present, see in eyes when talking and take your time.