Death Is A Reality

More real than anything you might have ever imagined. It feels scary to anticipate death. Now multiple this fear with 10x because your parents, people whom you love are more likely to die before you.

And there’s nothing you can do about it. Except trying everything you can in your capacity and seeing them go away.

The pain is real, it’s sad and this could be the most introspective thing that can happen to you.

But then, not everyone thinks about death in their daily affair. And sure enough, you shouldn’t live in the fear. Because if you do then your life wouldn’t be worth living. And life provides you with enough of the stress already, why to take it to the next level and fill your imagination with multiple death scenarios.

What’s The Solution

One of the profound things which might happen, when someone you love dies. And you will think of all the things which you could have done. All the hugs not given, moments not shared and mistakes not forgiven. Also, it makes you feel how short your life is and it ain’t worth the trouble you keep on giving yourself.

So the solution isn’t that you should do your thing as you do and let the death take its time.

Nor is it to feed the death spiral and surrender yourself before death is decades away.


A moment of reflection is necessary for your ritual of meditation. And the time frame can be 1 year or every 5 years. You sit down in a room and think about your life and things you can that will trigger how your life will unfold.

Include the death of people whom you love as one of the tangents. This will help you see many pointers. For example, if your dad is 60 years old and you aren’t talking to him for some reason then you need to consider – would you feel bad if he dies tomorrow.

If yes, then go ahead and talk. Let go of the minor setbacks and pain to heal yourself.

I Know It’s Difficult

But it’s necessary that you talk about death in your environment with friends, colleagues, spouse or children. The idea isn’t to avoid the topic to feel safe. Rather it is to include the topic so that you live your life to the maximum fulfillment.

That’s life for you. When was the last time you talked about death? Now is the time…