Daily Writing Is Hard

Daily Writing Is Hard

But so is daily anything. You wake up and brush your teeth, wash your car, go for a walk, eat food, comb your hair and do things daily.

At this point, you aren't thinking much about it. But all of these requires patience and willingness to keep doing over and over. It feels automatic because you have practiced thousands of times and people have literally forced you to do the things.

Remember, when you were a kid and didn't want to brush your teeth. Your mom would force you to do it. You forced yourself and did it. And again and again. And now at this point, you brush your teeth by habit. No one is here to tell you to do it but the habit stays. And you don't even think about it.

What About Writing

When it comes to any creative work - people say that you shouldn't be doing it daily. Because you can't be creative everyday.

And many creatives believe that. Also, for many artists, they feel like there is a block and they can't get the thing done. So, they let it be. Often, it is considered a natural process.

Writer's block is famous for that = you have a block for writing. Let me break the truth for you. It's all a lie. You can create everyday. Many creatives do it. You can choose to do it weekly or otherwise but you can do it daily. And with the block, it's a myth. There is nothing stopping you from writing.

The Struggle

Often it isn't that you are unable to write. But you are forcing yourself to write gold. Something which will shake the world. Guess what? You don't know what's going to inspire others.

And most of your writing will be bad. That's a part of your creative process. If you couldn't write bad things, you will always be waiting for the good things to come. Flush out everything you have and then some of it will be gold. But you have to get yourself to write everyday.

Don't Publish

Writing online has it's perks. And the best thing is that, you can go back and change your written words. Editing is powerful and you can revise things written back years from now. That's a good advantage - that means there is no harm in writing something bad.

All you have to do is either write and don't publish. Or publish and see how it is received. Or how you feel after a week. You can unpublish and let the best writing shine.

But all of this isn't an excuse to write. Whatever your creative outlet - be it dance, writing, comedy - do it daily.

You Have Time

When all things fail, you come up with an excuse that there isn't time. And that might be true. Because when you say you don't have time, often it means that's not your priority.

And when your art isn't one of your priorities then it's alright. But you have to acknowledge that.

But if you truly believe and want your art to shine. Then you have to take the time. Everyone has 24 hours. Even 10 minutes is enough to write one page, dance to a song, sing or do anything you want to do. Remember, it's not if you can do the art in this hectic schedule. The question is you are going to do your creative thing - now let's make a schedule.

Make time for your art and you can do it daily. Daily writing isn't hard.