Daily Routine Work

As you enter into adulthood, it becomes obvious that money plays an important role – perhaps one of the top 3 things you think about is money.

On contrast, being a kid is a joy in itself – you can play on free time, have tasty foods and bug your parents for all the things. Since you don’t earn the money – it never crosses your mind how hard it is to sustain, provide and enjoy on the earned money. Even more when you have a family to support.

This is one part of the equation. Let’s couple it with the societal pressure to do the work in a certain manner, jealousy to show off and the debt culture where you buy stuff more in debt. The result is you get a job which is probably 9 to 5, day in and day out. You start to anticipate the weekends because that is the rest day. Of course you have fun, go out with friends – but most of the times it is the same routine.

Sit down and think about it – you are going to office, doing things at the specified time and repeating all the things from week to week. No unique memories are being formed.


Now that you realize the same routine you have been following – how does that make you feel. I am certain you had imagined a life where there is uncertainty, adventure and daily new challenges.

But alas, there is less room for creativity in the office, no questions are being asked – instead it is emphasized on doing the routine job. Because it gets the work done. Being average and doing the same thing over and over again is encouraged.

You do it, you have to because the money comes from the organization. And you can’t risk it because you have a family to feed. Your kid now bugs you for money. Only now you are on the other side of the spectrum – more mature, understanding and in clutches of the hardship.

You take a deep sigh and exclaim – boring. The routine, activity and the work is all boring. And you are mere surviving the game.

Is there a way to turn this feeling go away – some kind of magic wand. What if I tell you there is such thing where you can feel more accomplished and fulfilled. But before that lets dive into the wave of self-made people.


Everyone thinks they have got to become the next entrepreneur. And while it is a positive thing. But if your plan is to quit the 9 to 5 job and hustle it down then perhaps you shouldn’t try.

Because building your own business is hard – money might come little later. And it isn’t anything like doing a job. So unless you have money cushion for at least a year and your first paying customer by doing the hustle in weekends then you shouldn’t quit.

Those are some vague parameters but it will help you gauge your situation. Not having money cushion for at least a year means you don’t have saving & investment strategy. So work on that – either way. You need it for your retirement or unexpected expenses or business. On paper and in talks – every idea seems great. Unless you have someone paying you money for the service or product – you are better with your current 9 to 5 job. So yeah, stick to it for a while. Or maybe more till you sort out the things.

And in case, you don’t feel like being an entrepreneur – that is fine too. Don’t jump on the train because apparently everyone is jumping too. Many people live good to great life on job too. You just have to find the mix where you get the best for you.

Not Boring

I talked about this concept with my friend and it struck me as an Aha! moment. It isn’t that the normal everyday routine is something bad. Or something you need to escape it from.

The idea is to not get trapped in doing only the things which suck the joy out of you. There are some things which you have to do – so get it done. Add to the mix – an array of activities where you feel joy, alive, challenged and many other emotions.

For example, I love to write, swim, eat and some other activities a lot. So I make sure every week I swim, write and eat something fancy. This way although there is a set routine I follow – doing the similar things. But that is not boring to me.

So, I guess you need to find your versions of a not boring routine. One where you follow a routine every week – but it is filled with spices, sweet dishes and surprise choco lava cake sprinkled all over. Do this and you will never feel bad about your routine.

If you have have to follow a routine then better it be something you love doing it again and again.