Daily Motivational Quotes

Daily Motivational Quotes

The world is a cruel place. Unfair. And yet you are expected to play it right. By the rules.

That’s too much.

Or is it?

Nature as you know it is complex. You are one of the millions of species and somehow you have formed this connected civilization. Yes, other animals have civilization too.

But they are disconnected. In a sense, the dogs in Africa don’t know or care about dogs in Asia.

However, you as a human are different. You care, connect and wish for a place to be amazing for upcoming humans – not necessarily only your offspring.

In the wild, the animals and plants all are in a cycle. They want to eat, reproduce and sleep. Again and again. You do them too but there are other things which you do like trying to understand cosmos or what to do about social injustice.

Breaking The Natures’ Cycle

You have broken the natures’ cycle of food, sex and protecting life. You live in a cozy room, your parents have provided for food and protection. And most of the time you are not surrounded by threats.

As a result, you have a lot of free time. We all do. That’s why there is a need to do different things. And innovation keeps happening or most of us do maintenance work.

You now perceive add-on things like air conditioning, designer clothes, phones and so on as necessary things.

Hence, there is a concept of college, education and work. So you stay busy. You need to do something for your life, right. So that you have meaning.

Speaking of which – the grand purpose of life doesn’t exist. It never was. When you see the history, you realize the most of life on Earth is repeating food, sex and protection endlessly. It’s a game of DNA progressing. And nothing else – lately around 1000 years or so, you have sorted the issues and now have decided that you need to do something meaningful with your life.

The New Normal

You are supposed to have ambition, passion and a fire within to do something amazing. If all you do is eat, sleep and repeat then what is a life you are living.

The judgement here is harsh and cruel. But often, it is an accepted norm in society.

Let me tell you – it’s okay if you don’t have passions, fire or wanting to do something amazing. If you want to be a normal being or you are able to do just the minimum to keep surviving – even then it’s alright.

Don’t judge yourself – life is short, have fun on the ride. If you want to do something and have many hobbies, cool. If you want to become the greatest then all power to you. If you want to just relax and do the bare minimum to survive and pass days – you are doing great.

Your Life & Daily Motivation Quotes

Daily you will be bombarded with inspiring things or videos or images on social media. Enjoy it or take inspiration to do something – all good.

If you try and don’t succeed then you failed at achieving that thing. But that doesn’t mean anything about how good of a person you are – your self-worth is intact.

The best approach in life is to have a job or something to make sure you feed yourself, have a decent place and hang out with friends. This is a golden life to envy for.

And whatever excites you in life – try them. If they succeed then good, if not then good too. Keep living life as amazing as you are.

About the daily motivational quotes – they will keep popping. If you want to do something then do it, don’t wait for inspiration.

Live your life for the thrill of it, focus on being calm and find happiness within – that’s a life which will inspire others daily.