Creating Anxiety Losing Yourself And Discovering

As you progress in life, you will experience many emotions which will take you on a roller coaster ride. When you were kids, often you played in the emotion range of happy and sad. If you got hurt while playing you became sad and if you got a toffee you became happy.

And the problems were miniature in the grand scheme of things. But for a kid it was everything – for example, should you punish a toy for not listening to you.

Soon enough you became an adult who can’t see anything in it’s simple state. If you get a toffee then in your head you will worry about the money which is to be paid and the meeting which is due tomorrow. By the time, your thought process comes a standstill the toffee is long gone. Thus you missed the moment of happiness because of a thought train and now you are more sad.

Being the big women in height and power seems like a good thing when you are kid. But the moment you get that, you have to face problems like paying the bills on time, making sure you bring in food and cater to everyone who relies on you.

Not a fun venture anymore – but if you sit down and realize the amount of power and capability you have, it is almost magical.

You can take risks on your own, take the unexpected path, lead someone, follow another path, bring out change, do more and create something which you are proud of. Not a grand thing or shiny that many people talk about but rather something which helps someone, enough if it is 1 person.

Being adult is the best thing that has happened to you once you start looking at it that way. Else, you will always be complaining and nothing truly will happen.

Because for kids, an adult will save them but for you – you have to save yourself. And that is probably a great thing to have responsibility within.


When you can’t decide what to do next then it creates a panic situation. This happens often when you take the stress to your mind unnecessarily.

Being a kid, you don’t overthink and sometimes don’t even think – you just be. But being an adult, you throw all the possibilities in the air, take the measurement and consider 10 different options – and then do the wrong thing.

After that, a panic mode sets in and warns you to undo all of that. You try the another thing and execute it poorly, then you accept the defeat.

Thus you create this panic mode and destroy everything which you could have done. Things will turn out to be bad sometimes and it is okay. You have to act on the rational, logic and move fast. Don’t overthink and don’t stay on past decisions for too long. Take a fast approach and bring out the best in you – because there is no other way.

Change In Plan

When you see a plan where you do something and the result is something which you expected, it is a safe path. But even then it can take a u-turn and give something bad in return.

So be wise and expect failures, either way give your best because the plan will pan out most of the times.

What happens when there is a change of plan? And worse, you don’t feel comfortable in the new plan.

Accept that and challenge it. If something doesn’t starts off as per your plan, it is easy to complain and then blame everything else because the output is bad. The alternative and best way is to be open to new plans, ideas and shift – throw in your expertize, learn something new, try and be there.

By the end of it, you might not have succeeded but the journey will be worth it. And now you can take onus and create something – the only way to go.