Count Till Ten

Or walk around the block. Or talk with someone you love. Or sleep. Perhaps eat a lot of sweet.

Just be quiet. Figure out the scenario in your mind and see where it goes. Or go to washroom.

If it permits, do exercise like swimming or running. Remember when you did a mistake. Forgive thinking about that.

Write what you want to say. And see if it makes sense.

Eat chocolate – you will be immersed in enjoying. Play with a kid. Breathe in and out for a minute.

Close your eyes and sit. Do whatever you want to not be angry. Be calm.

Anger helps no one. And when you practice doing anything which helps you stay calm, it becomes a habit.

Practice consciously by doing the above things when you get angry for small things. And slowly it will follow when you are too angry.

Remember it’s okay to be sad but don’t let that convert into anger on someone. If you can positively do something to change then do, else focus on what you can.

Regardless the goal is to achieve a state where whatever happens – your internal calm doesn’t get disturbed.

Until then, let’s keep trying. Being calm, improving your coping abilities and forgiving in progress.