Choosing Your Leader Or...

The theme of the ages is to find someone similar like you. Because those who aren’t similar to you is the enemy. It helped you tackle the evolution game and come out winning.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go on and keep on differentiating forever. Because that would mean, you will find flaws within human who isn’t different. Definitely not for the reasons you are thinking.

As such, it becomes important to choose your leader cautiously.

A good leader is one

  • understands the situations in your area
  • can see beyond the surface layer problems
  • makes you feel safe
  • makes promises and keeps them
  • guide you to newer heights
  • makes mistakes but learns from them
  • can point you to do better things
  • provides opportunities to all, maybe not equal outcomes
  • focuses on being human
  • provides care for upliftment of those who can’t
  • makes sure – no one sleeps hungry and without bed
  • dreams for future
  • makes firm decision and tackles opposition
  • makes the key decision in areas like science, humanity and economy
  • appreciates good things about the opposition
  • puts the best of his followers before his
  • documents the process
  • is transparent, honest and gritful
  • commands good oral communication
  • can inspire, push and make things happen
  • imagine a dream for the whole group and help them envision too
  • finds the root cause of problems and eliminates them
  • writes letters to kids
  • answers journalists questions
  • her head is always high of honour
  • can dare to dream
  • and be generous enough

Choose wisely your leader or…