Checking Multiple Times Your Human Error

Being perfect is the ultimate desire. And someone who achieves this is considered at the God level. For example, when you are a superstar who has given continuous blockbuster, people will start seeing you as the perfectionist.

So when you give a half-baked movie, people go on to hate to the extreme level. Because the power of being perfectionist is it’s curse.

Because when you mess up a little, people will treat you harsh as if you have done the biggest crime of your life.

On the flip side, if you are the one who has the rapport to do bad films then a little good film is treated as if some messiah has landed on the Universe. Our judgement of perfectionism and its consequences is skewed and it is anything but perfect.

But is chasing being perfect a true goal – or a better goal. Your life like everyone else’s is anything but fair. And you can’t expect most of the things. You do things because you have belief but there is no guarantee for it to pay anything back. Sometimes it works and many times it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t work, it feels like the world is ending.

And then you take one imperfect step and boom your life is turned around and you can see the light in the darkest of ages.

Imperfection is fine in life, rather it is the support system on which you and I work to make things better, not perfect. Making a system which works, which has impact and brings out change in the long term is something you strive for rather than making the most perfect system in specs and idealist sense.

You Will Mess Up

That is the basic nature of any work you will do. It isn’t probable that you will figure out everything when you try things out.

But that shouldn’t become an excuse to do sloppy work. Of course, there is nothing like perfect which is the ultimate but you shouldn’t pass on some lazy work as your final output to others.

When you make habit of doing passable work because you can’t perfect, you start to limit yourself. And then slowly it will transform into a habit of doing half passion projects. Most of them will fail, not because it is statistics but rather because you didn’t worked hard on it.

So get them be thorough as much as you can. Not because you want to touch any arbitrary number of perfect. But because you believe in giving your best whatever it is.

Reflect It Everywhere

It doesn’t have to be your passionate work. Even if you are in the 9 to 5 day job where you only goal is to survive.

Do your work with dedication because it will build a habit. And since it is project which you are doing, it will help you build teamwork, leadership skills and many such things despite if the work isn’t as creative as you want.

So go ahead and make something, with as much polishing as you can. Being perfect isn’t sexy, chasing perfect is.