Check Your Weight Balance

The proper unit of weight isn’t kilogram but you use it because that’s convenient. There is a difference between mass and weight.

Try to find the difference and get a chance to learn something new. And if you already knew this, share along for others.

Have you ever slept and woke up with pain in one hand, shoulder or one side of the body.

It isn’t pleasant.

Here is an experiment for you – go and sleep on one side of your body. But don’t sleep, just rest your body. So you can make the assessment. After sometime, your body starts to ache and you shift on the other side.

The same thing will happen after sometime. Turns out the best thing way to sleep is on your back. It doesn’t hurt.

Because the weight balance is good. In life too, try to balance the distribution and you will be happy.

For example, if you are making a team – have people from varied backgrounds. If you are choosing a partner, choose one with equal amounts of common and uncommon interest. And so on… you will thank yourself for this approach.