Chasing Fame Or Billion Dollars

Is nice but often a path to failure. Statistically speaking, you have less chances of becoming a billionaire or millionaire.

Instead try for something which is achievable and then if you overshoot, good for you.

Because if you keep your happiness stalled unless you reach a certain status, life is going to be grumpy for you.

Choose Wisely

In any field, see if you can earn a decent living even if you are okay. For example in running, unless you are top 10, you hardly earn a basic living.

So you can try running but as a side hobby else it is going to tough to live life.

Consider engineer, even an okay engineer earns a decent living. So that’s a thing you can pursue to earn living.

The trick is to secure your financials and then you can take a shot at anything. Because if you fail, it’s okay. And if you succeed, more power to you.

One Year

If you think, you can grow and do something amazing only if you did it for 1 year straight and just that. Then you can do that.

But first work hard for 1 year and live on only half the salary. Save the rest.

Next year, take a break from job. Give one year of doing whatever you want. It can go like – you try acting for one year and you failed. Or you succeeded.

Or you did it for 3 months and decided it’s not for you. Try something else for another 9 months.

Once the year is over, you will get clarity. And even if you don’t want to make your hobbies your profession, you will have narrowed down your hobbies to a few which you can keep doing on weekends.

Always secure your financials. Try multiple things to see where you stand. And remember, fame is a status. Good if you have but most people are better without it.

Remember to enjoy the journey. Because your happiness isn’t what you do. You are happy and you do things.