Change In Life

  1. Has to happen, that’s what life is.
  2. Yes plan for things but when things go sideways – embrace and improvise.
  3. Guess what – that’s the best option or else you will be always complaining.
  4. If you are uncomfortable, remember things will change again.
  5. The trick is to actively look for change – make it a way of life.
  6. Travel, enrolling in course and switching jobs are some way to embrace change voluntarily.
  7. Think less when you are free – a mind with less thoughts is great.
  8. Be optimistic – it beats being a pessimistic and you will sail fine even if things go bad.
  9. Be open but sometimes stand your ground – you are suk of your choices.
  10. Situations change all the time, how you react depends on you.
  11. Everything happens in your mind – the way you see world is how you experience it. If it isn’t helping you, you can change to see world in different way.
  12. Your body changes with age – start exercise and meditation, it helps a lot.
  13. After certain age, the physical change will be degrading meaning you will be able to run less, swim less and be less strong. Take care of yourself a little more.
  14. Change with times because else you will have struggle living better.
  15. Change your style, profession and other things – try new things. That’s how you discover new things.
  16. If the change is monumental, think hard and then decide. Example having a baby.
  17. If you do body intensive thing like breaking, gymnastics then remember, your body will change dramatically when you age. A lot of pain, if possible retire early.