Why Is Software So Bad

Hardware Vs Software 40 years ago, Seth drove one of the worst cars. It’s seat, mileage and everything was bad. But now, Seth drives Toyota car for about the same amount of money. But the seat is comfortable, it’s safe and everything is better. When Seth used to do gaming software, the main challenge was …

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Opportunity Cost

Who Discovered Time Christopher Columbus discovered America. Only that he didn’t. People already lived on America. Columbus merely reported back to the rest of world. Once people had seen, they got on radar. Time defined by opportunity is a new concept. Sahlins wrote a fantastic book on the idea – you can put a stone …

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The Great Pretender

About 25 years ago, McArthur Wheeler realized that lemon juice could be used to make invisible ink. So he put lemon juice on his body. And robbed 2 banks. No surprise, he was caught. Was Sent to Jail. The Dunning Kruger Effect Of course, Mr. Wheeler suffered from Dunning Kruger Effect. Which is a syndrome …

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