Caring After Damage Is Done

When in high school, you will experience your first love. And it will be an awesome feeling. Suddenly you find meaning in love songs, love talking for hours and the mere sight of your partner makes your day.

And when you are not with her, you think of them. They become a part of your life and each day you get more closer.

You haven’t announced your relationship to the world. But somehow everyone seems to know that you are in love with that girl. The connection is evident and can be seen from far off. But it doesn’t matter to you, each day is a blessing to be with her, talk and then look forward to the next day.

This goes on for months – it seems like this relationship is meant for forever. And next day, you both break up.

She says some nasty things about your behavior and you reciprocate. When you sleep at night, you cry a lot.

The Rechase

The sudden failure is something you can’t comprehend so you vow to talk about in next day. But she don’t want to. You can’t have a dialogue with someone who refuses to even see your face.

Your male ego takes a hit – you try to disguise it so it doesn’t seem like your failure. Somehow you wanted it to look like it was her fault.

The drama of rechase continues and then you two are minding your own business. Now since you have no one else to have that relationship, you start longing for her. You try hard to revisit the memories on where you had gone wrong.

Maybe you could have cared for, understand her needs or talked more. Maybe you could given her time, kept the promises and not assumed what she liked.

Maybe..maybe…maybe…But all of this you could have done. What about the things you should do?

Moving Forward

In life, relationship, finances, bad purchases – you often look back and hope you had cared more. It is a learning experience to note.

Caring at the moment matters more. Death is a famous example. When someone dies, relatives pops in and says, she was a good woman of character, work and so on.

But what about the time when she was alive. All that caring is a waste of time. You should have done that when she was alive.

Or let’s consider when you buy something at the cheap store. You buy many things in hurry because you want to grab the deal fast. And when the things break, you wish you had been careful.

It doesn’t matter now. Caring after damage is done doesn’t help. My assertion is that people don’t care at the moment because they are lazy, ignorant or fake. Try to be present – aware and real with yourself. Your caring nature is needed now.

Because when you care in the moment despite everything working fine, chances are that relationship wouldn’t have been broken. Care more, actively look for flaws and improve upon them. Don’t wait for damage to happen and try to introspect. Be proactive more than doing reaction.