Can You Do Magic With Teaching

Teaching is an intense activity. First, you need to learn everything and excel – get a degree. And then pass some random test as asked by the hiring agency so that you can be considered.

After that, you need to juggle between many subjects because the subject at which you have authority isn’t available. And they don’t want to miss out on a fantastic teacher like you. Of course, they are going to pay you peanuts salary because they know that you have no choice.

It’s like a modern-day slave economy. You are salaried, and you are being taken advantage of your situation.

The excuses are lame like there is no budget, this is the best, and your skills match only this much salary.

You happily accept the position. Because the alternative is to take the job by being sad, which isn’t a good life lesson.

And now you go home thinking this will be a light job and you can pursue your passion. Because this isn’t some job where you are expected to do hundreds of things. You conclude this because when you asked for the compensation – you were told how incompetent you were. They are doing you a charity by giving you a job.

Reality Of Job

The next day is full of surprises because the moment you wake up – you are reminded that you are an asset for the school.

And all the jobs of high calibre have to be done by you. All the things which were not discussed are given to you. And you can’t raise your voice. Because if you do – you are told to leave the job if it seems hard to you.

Seeing this situation of yours, the seniors jump in and instead of consoling you – they rag you and force you to do their work too. Sure, they have gone through this horrendous journey. But instead of empathizing, they decided to join the force of oppression.

And the chain keeps on continuing. You compare yourself with the dark ages and how people had it worse.

Sure, there is freedom, internet and relatively better things at hand. But the mentality of oppression has remained.

And sadly, you are at the receiving end. They say justice is served, but you can’t sustain yourself if you fight a case. And if you push yourself and try to rely on your self-esteem, you can try.

But then you will be dead. Because there will be no food on the table for you.

Magic With Teaching

The students are cramped in the class. The fees are high. You wonder why your salary is low. Where is all the money going? But you already know the answer, and you are trying to live in ignorance.

And then the students complain about how you are not doing a great job. The teaching is bad, the focus isn’t there, and so they start disrespecting you.

Sure enough, they don’t know your position on how you are forced to do many non-teaching things for hours and when you are exhausted given a task of teaching.

It is hard, but you do it for the money because it brings food to the table. And then you get complaints from the parents – why aren’t you teachers doing magic in teaching…?

And you are silent, nodding your head – half dead and half-zombie.