Can You Cross The Street?

What’s on the other side. If you find out, then what will happen to you. And the big question is can you come back. It’s scary. Maybe you don’t want to cross the street but then there will be a mystery up there forever.

And slowly it will take up the shape of the myths. Stories will be told and passed on for generations to come. Some true, mostly false about all the things that happen on the other side of the street. All because of your one decision to not cross the street.

But What Is Street?

Is that the real street or a figment of your imagination? How can you be sure that you are not in some game – reliving every moment again and again? If everything feels real, then how can you even question it.

Think of your dream – everything goes on, and there are some things which don’t align with your reality. But as long as you are in that dream, you accept those things as normal. And you feel the pain, guilt and all other emotions. It is as if you are living two lives – one while you are awake and one where you sleep.

There is one way to know what is real. Your dreams aren’t in a continuous storyline. And the dreams just start – you are already in between something. While in reality, you always wake up from a dream.

But what if your dreams start to become more coherent with practice and you could continue the story. And wake up from something in your dream. Then…What will happen?

After some time, you can’t distinguish between your dream and reality. One of them is the real deal, and another just doesn’t exist. It’s all in your mind. But what if you put more energy in an exciting life. And that turns out to be a dream. Then you will live your real life as someone who is doing nothing. And your dreams as the most fascinating life ever.

But the outer world is judging you for your lazy behaviour. But for you, you are the rockstar of your own movie. You are living it as if it was real – and there is no way to distinguish. And you don’t care because it is an exciting one.

Wait for a second – is your life exciting enough. Are you sure you aren’t dreaming? There is only one way of knowing now – pinch yourself hard. Did you wake up?

Trying Hard, Manipulating Others And Hope

Crossing the street may seem like the natural thing to do. But then you need to define what and how you want to be pursued. Are you curious and will try new paths OR someone who doesn’t bother as long as things are going in the right direction. Are you someone who is on edge to try new things or in the middle of the bell curve where you want to try just the safe options.

And hence, you are waiting to hope that someone else crosses the street. And depending upon the things she would have to face, you will make your decision.

But the time is of the essence, and you are impatient. Hence, you lure someone to do the task for you. You bribe them, manipulate and hope for the best. All these things make her suspicious, and so she walks away.

You have lost a few hours, but now you are getting angry because someone else isn’t going to take the fall for you.

Well, this seems familiar right. No matter where you are in your life, chances are you need to take the fall for your own shortcomings. There is no hero, no one is going to save you, and so you are your own superhero. If you are in some sort of problem, you alone have to decide if you are going to dig out of it or stay crying and hope for the best.

Standing at the corner and looking for someone to tag along, you shiver. No one is coming. Sometimes in your life – all you need is a little bit of company.

Be it going to movies, eating out or dancing – having a partner can enrich the experience. Yes, you should embrace your own self. But when you have stories which have been shared through other people’s soul, then the experience takes a deeper meaning. Also, in many cases, you have been able to do something only because someone was standing beside you.

A simple act of cheer can make the vast difference, between overcoming your self-belief and then accomplishing greater heights more than you ever imagined.

Leap Of Faith

Enough is enough, you say to yourself. The words are broken, but somehow you muster up the courage. The street is small and yet every step you take feels like a heavy one. The wind is gushing, and you can feel it on your years and back of the neck.

You keep pushing. And then after what feels like an eternity, you have crossed the street. And you take a sigh of relief. Now that you are on the other side of the road, you are wondering why it took so long – it wasn’t much of a challenge. And there you see a girl standing and murmuring something.

You go and talk to her about what else is around. But her agenda is different, she wants you to cross the street. And you wonder why she is telling you to go back.

But she didn’t see you coming. She is baiting you because she wants to cross the street but is afraid. You deny her request.

And you move along hoping that she finds the courage to cross the street, find and explore. Anyway, now there is no danger of life like it was in the past days. In many areas of life, you will feel exactly like these. Crossing the street might come as a challenge in various forms. And you will be scared. But remember, you are going to wonder – it wasn’t much big of a deal.

Cross the street – sure the fear won’t go away, and sure you will be faced with consequences. But remember not crossing will also have consequences. Choose whatever you want for yourself – remember there is no one coming to save you. You are your own superhero.