Buy: Expectation Vs Reality

When you go to buy something, there is anxiety in you. There is a fear which comes to your mind. It is something embedded deep within you.

It started when you were a kid. You were sent to buy something from the market, and you did your job. Upon returning, you found that you got cheated. The shopkeeper made a fool out of you.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. And you felt embarrassed. At one point, you thought to go back and fight.

But you let go because the damage was already done. And then this happened again, again and again.

You accepted this as the fate of yours. And you accept this as the reality of the world you live in. As you grow up, you realize this doesn’t happen with all the people. You get cheated when you appear gullible, honest or nice. The world doesn’t want nice, good and honest people. Because people want to cheat you and the bad people get away getting with all the pros.


The common type of guilt you feel is the amount you paid. You aren’t sure if you are paying the right amount of money.

Depending upon how much you can bargain, the amount of money which you pay more depends. And then you feel scared because the arguments are bad. They say many emotional things, and you wonder if any of it is true.

What if you bargain and pay less money. And then the seller doesn’t make enough money to feed her family.

Because of some people’s cheating attitude, you are in guilt most of the times. And you bargain the hell out of it because you want to pay a fair price.

Both Sides

If you are the one who is selling something, then remember your experience. Make sure you don’t cheat people. Ask for a fair price, but be upfront if the price is going to vary for different people and on what circumstances.

Don’t do what others have done with you, be generous and make sure you provide a better experience.

And when you are on the receiving end of the buying experience, remember it is going to be hard. The bad people are too many to sell you many non-value things or heavy marked up items.

The best thing you can do is a bargain for fun, don’t feel the pressure. And hope for the best. Because that’s how you will have peace of mind in your life.

A Checklist For Everyone

  • Be generous: Generosity helps everyone, and it makes you a better person.
  • Have empathy: It is a part of being a human being.
  • Smile: It doesn’t cost anything, but it brings in immense value, now that’s a bargain.
  • Think about different perspective: Seeing the other side often helps you make a better decision.
  • Stay Awesome: That should be the ultimate goal.