But What About The Bad Side of the Internet

But What About The Bad Side of the Internet
Photo by petr sidorov / Unsplash

Violence is bad. And gun violence is brutal. The thing which is pushed is to ban guns. The idea is that there will be no gun violence if there are no guns. But then you will have no guns. Do you want to live without guns? If yes, then that's a solution for you. But if you want guns otherwise, you don't have the choice to eliminate guns only for bad people. Because it's hard to predict and sort, you can try, but that will be a rough guess. With everything that comes which has the power to change things, bad things will be associated with it. Nature is such that some people will always use things for good and bad purposes. Let's take the example you want. Emails - are a wonderful thing to connect across the world in seconds. But then, millions of people have been duped because of scam emails. Credit card - loan without interest for a short period. But then there are credit frauds all the time.

The bad side-effect will come. But that shouldn't be used to explain why the very invention is bad. By that logic, everything is bad. People have killed with kitchen knives and kidnapped children by luring them with chocolates. Of course, you have to try to stop the bad behaviour. But that doesn't have to mean stopping the invention.

The Internet is such a beautiful invention. There are arguments for the Internet, too - it might lure people to do bad things. The exposure is too much and everything argument you can think of. But then there are thousands of good use cases too. My personal favourite is Wikipedia. Thousands of volunteers have given their expertise and time to collate information on anything noteworthy free of cost for you. You can access them and start your learning journey. Or maybe as an artist, you want to share your art with the world. The Internet has removed the gatekeepers and given you the access to reach anyone and everyone. Or find your mentors - because now they aren't somewhere hidden by a secretary. Their email address is online, and most people reply to the thoughtful response.

There is no way to know if there has been enough good for the bad. But people are a certain way most of the time. No matter what the Internet offers, if you are a curious learner for benefitting your skills, you will do just that. A murderer doesn't stop killing people because there are no guns; they find other things to do the job.

Explore the Internet for its beauty, possibilities and magic. You can do anything and everything - find your place, go on a journey and make things happen for you. Be it learning anything, finding a job or making a dent in the Universe. The Internet is your gateway and your creativity is the best thing that has and will happen on the Internet. Go make things.