It's tough. Because the ads will pay pennies. Unless your affiliate or products sell and become hit with good enough manageable numbers. But that is hard to do with a dog blog. But it's doable when you are the middleman.

For example, a blog about WordPress tools is awesome. Because you are blogging to website owners. Who will shell money to get the tools you are reviewing or selling. Compare that with a blog about college life. Your readers don't have money to buy any products you can offer.

Choosing whom you will target is the most important thing before you write even a single word.

The Maths Behind Million Dollars:

The time frame is important. Let's go for 10 years. Because $1 million in retirement money.

This translates to roughly $100k per year. Which is $10k per month.

If you can convince your blog readers to become a paying subscriber for $10 a month - all you have to do is convince 1000 of them. And in 10 years, you would have earned a million dollars from your blog.

Building A Million Dollar Blog

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