Building A Million Dollar Blog

It's tough. Because the ads will pay pennies. Unless your affiliate or products sell and become hit with good enough manageable numbers. But that is hard to do with a dog blog. But it's doable when you are the middleman.

For example, a blog about WordPress tools is awesome. Because you are blogging to website owners. Who will shell money to get the tools you are reviewing or selling. Compare that with a blog about college life. Your readers don't have money to buy any products you can offer.

Choosing whom you will target is the most important thing before you write even a single word.

The Maths Behind Million Dollars:

The time frame is important. Let's go for 10 years. Because $1 million in retirement money.

This translates to roughly $100k per year. Which is $10k per month.

If you can convince your blog readers to become a paying subscriber for $10 a month - all you have to do is convince 1000 of them. And in 10 years, you would have earned a million dollars from your blog.