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Breaking The Ice

Relationships are like ice cream, they come in all different flavours. At some point, you like chocolate flavour and other times you like vanilla. And sometimes you experiment with new.

Also there needs to be care, empathy and understanding mixed with some customise adjectives. Not every relationship works the way you envisioned. It often takes the weird turn and you have to make sense of it all.

Ups, down, crying and laughter – all happens. For many it is a bitter sweet equation.

But all of these didn’t happened because you couldn’t start the conversation. Let’s dive in what it takes to break the ice.

Not Love

When you talk about relationship people often assume about the love between a couple who will perhaps get married. But relationship is more broad. From people who you admire, want to collaborate and random strangers – all of them fall in relationship category.

Recently I met a person I admire with whom I would love to talk. Also when I went for examination in different city, I needed a random stranger to kill my time. So the relationship dynamics can be short or long term.

In all of those cases, if you break the ice the possibility opens up.

Few Examples

Find below some tips and maybe trick you can use to break to ice. Also are some rules which you need to take care of.

  • If you didn’t break the ice in first 3 minutes then it becomes awkward pretty fast.
  • Keep chocolates to share – give to people maybe all of them. This will get the ball rolling.
  • Compliment on something specific – their perspective, venue or the occasion if they are host or related.
  • Approach with a smile and do a small talk and move on. Come back later.
  • If you remember a simple pun or light hearted joke about something they have or done – then make it.
  • Ask for direction and then compliment and move on.
  • See if there is a mutual friend who can introduce.
  • When you join a party, make it mandatory to speak to everyone or 10 people within first 10 minutes.
  • Dress well, smell nice and smile.

I hope this helps you. Until next time, keep making connections.

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