Better Be Success

If you are doing something, trying for the first time then it is natural to feel like a failure, be fearful of the outcome or do things with less focus.

But if you are going to do it anyway, it’s better to see it positively.

Outcome isn’t important. You have little control on it. However you have control on your hard work, mental stress and the outlook.

So next time you take in on some work to do, consider it as a success. Fear less and focus more – not for the outcome but for a better journey.

What Is Success

On that note, if you think success as a linear goal of having something then it’s wrong.

Often you will learn many things from anything you pursue – outcome may be good, bad or something in between. But that journey will teach you many things in life.

And that’s a solid success. Keep making notes and you will be forever in positive.

You Are Successful

You are alive and kicking, capable of trying things and have friends. Those are big success of life.

Often the success is connected with money, big power and status.

But that should be your side products. Money should be enough, power should be used to impact and status shouldn’t be chased.

You are successful, focus on making a change happen and make your life’s journey awesome.