Best Way To Improve Anything

Drafting email in a professional environment is a tricky situation. Because chances are someone at the top is egoistic. And won’t accept mistakes in email as a human error. But use that as an opportunity to tear that person down.

It doesn’t matter if the message is conveyed. They will ignore that so they can focus on your errors and make you feel like thrash.

One of the disadvantages of working in a bureaucratic environment where short term rewards are preferred.

So it is a common thing to make your colleagues read your emails before sending them. Especially if you are sending it to multiple top officials. So your friend asks you to read for errors. And the email is full of mistakes. No ‘thank you’ or ‘please’.

You take a deep sigh…delete all of it. And ask her to step aside. So that you can rewrite the email in an appropriate manner. After you are done – your colleague is in shock. You take it as a compliment on your email writing skill. But to burst your idea, she says – wow your typing speed is amazing, how did you practice that…?

The What Moment

You dress up for the party – the bright red dress. And when you walk in the party, everyone is looking at you.

It feels to you that the dressing finally paid off. But someone comes up and points that your sandal is amazing. And supposedly everyone is impressed by your sandal and not the dress you worked so hard for.

So when your colleague points out your typing speed is amazing, it does feel like you are amazing. But your email writing skills just got ignored.

But you don’t have the answer on how your writing speed is so amazing. Last time you remember, you used to practice writing speed in colleges for fun. How did your writing speed become so fast and impressive – and how have you not noticed it yourself?

The Daily Practice

Then it hit you. You write daily. Not to practice the speed – but for your own blog. Each day you sit down and write a blog. When you started this journey, your writing speed was 30 words per minute.

And since, you are writing it daily, your brain has managed to get the rhythm of the keys. So you end up writing without even looking down.

The progression in speed is small almost not noticeable daily. But when you do it every day for years, you improve a lot.

It is evident for others. But for you, it feels like magic. And that is the truth in every aspect of life. If you want to get good at something, just do it daily. Make it your second nature and before you can know – you will get better.

Want to become a great dancer – dance daily. Want to swim awesomely – then swim daily. Doing anything daily forces you to do it better because you will get bored by doing it slowly and in a bad manner. There is no way but to improve when you do something daily, now go make something.