Best Blogs On The Internet

Writing on the Internet is an amazing thing. You get an archive of your work; it has the potential to go viral. And it reaches people randomly. Also, you can write about your work-in-progress projects and attract like-minded people. Or your blog can serve as a resume for your future employer.

Nonetheless, some people have come up with the best blogs on the Internet. These are the people whom I have been following for a long time, and they deliver.

Key insights, surprises and connections these people bring are inspiring. The philosophy of writing the blog might differ. But the one thing common among all these blogs is their amazing content. Every day you want to read what they have to say. When the email of their blog reaches your inbox, you read it almost instantly.

In the chaos of the world, where most people are trying to scam you, it's a nice refresher that these people are writing their hearts out. Sometimes, a quick tip, sometimes a deep dive and sometimes what you need to read for that specific moment. It's like reading a book from someone, simply one page at a time.

Seth's blog

Seth Godin is the OG in marketing. If you have ever received an email you intended to, then Seth has to do with the magic.

He shares his insights in his blog and has been doing so daily for 30 years. It sounds crazy because it is. And there are moments when it's alright content. But in every article he publishes, there is an aha moment. That is a lot of output, and by definition - many of them are good.

You can randomly read any articles and find an insight worth knowing and implementing. Seth's blog is like Vitamin D - you can have it daily.

And I have been reading his blog for a long time. He could be more active on other social media by design. He focuses his energy on his blog, projects, and changing the world. His blog is an inspiration; many have started a daily blog cadence after him. It's hard but doable. And the practice ensures a good article, sometimes great, among all the other outputs. You win by showing up every day.

James Clear blog

James is the one who wrote the most-sold book on habits. It's crazy the reach this guy has. His blog is simple, and his topics are centred around habits, productivity and following the process. What has separated him from the others is that he researches a lot and shares his blog article with the basis of that research.

His blog grew when many of his articles got syndicated in other major publications. And the next thing you know, he is a big shot.

Now, he doesn't write new articles. However, he shares his insights in a weekly newsletter.

So, you can subscribe to his newsletter and gain insights every week. There is a research element in his research too. He shares ideas him others and poses a question. And if you reflect upon any of his newsletter content, you will grow as a person.

If you were in the productivity genre, you would have known him as a habits master. His book 'Atomic Habits' is crazy and the impact it has. Subscribe to his newsletter and read some of his best blog articles from the archive.

Julian Shapiro blog

This is one of the curve balls. Julian is a young entrepreneur with substantial success. However, his blog could be a more magnificent success. His articles get read and shared like crazy. One reason, he likes to research a lot, distil ideas in easy-to-follow, and shares recommendations that make sense.

His articles are less frequent because of the time consumption he does. However, all of them are stellar and thought-provoking.

His best ideas are something called guides on his website. Where he breaks down the science, maths and philosophy behind anything he is curious about. He has a guide about muscle building, and then there is a guide to buy the best speakers. Two different things but the insight, approach and recommendations are solid.

His blog also has its unique design element. And it adds to the article and guides he writes about.