Being Happy And Wanting Change

No matter at what stage of your life you are in – you want to take it forward to the next level. Even if you are a billionaire. Money is a big factor which probably defines many stages of life.

You need money to put bread on the table, have enough money to pay sudden bills and enough that you can do side projects of your creativity.

But apparently, there is a problem. People claim that if you become happy at the current stage then you will become stagnant and you won’t grow. The connection here assumed is between happiness and growth.

I often see my friends complaining by comparing with other people. They aren’t happy at their current stage of money in the bank account.

To Each Its Own

So there was this conversation I was having with my friend. And I told her that I am happy at my place, and would love to grow.

She flipped. As per her viewpoint, you can’t be happy and desirous for growth. You need to be unhappy to want to level up.

Her claim was that this is deep philosophical. And I disagreed that everyone has their own version of their philosophy. And it is indeed possible to be happy and still want more from life.

Because happiness is a point of view. It depends on you – it is internal. And doesn’t depend on the external reference. The way you want to be happy, it will reflect.

Enjoy The Moment

Here is the thing – no matter what is the stage of life you are living in now, it was a dream for you at some point in life.

So instead of being unhappy about the things you don’t have in life, you can be happy that you achieved your dream. Let it soak in and then reassess to grow again. Then be happy again, rejoice and then repeat.

If you feel that you will be happy only when you are best in comparison with everyone then you will be unhappy almost all your life. Because at every point, someone else will be better off than you.

The trick is to do your best work, be happy with yourself and enjoy the moment as they come in.

A Similar Analogy

Of course, you want to win. Everyone wants to be number one. But there is more to a story than just being on top.

For example, to live a life without any money problems, you probably need $1 million per year. Any money after that is a bonus. So you can focus on doing your best work, rather than chasing the most paid gig.

There are other things to consider to live a happy life. If for you a happy life means spending quality time with family and friends, then a job with less working time is more attractive to you than a job with more money and less time off.

Define your happy life, do your best and just be happy in the moment. That’s the best way to live life. And remember to stay hungry for creative projects – you can be happy and still want to do more. Because you can and it will bring out change. And regardless of it working or not – you will be happy.