Being Anxious Doesn’t Help

Especially for small things. Because it doesn’t make any sense.

It might be difficult to calm but you have to start else you will be nitpicking and thinking all sorts of thing.

For example, if a small deviation happens in life – then it’s okay. If you overthink, you will get anxious and waste your time.

More important – you will have waste your mental energy stressing.

Breathe and let it be. Don’t action on small deviations. Let it be. When you do nothing – you will realise it’s alright.

Else you will be frustrated and do small corrective things or think a lot – and you will make a smaller problem a big one.

Like most things in life – most of the times it isn’t situation which stresses you out – it’s your mind and thinking.

Make a habit of saying – it’s okay. It doesn’t matter if you don’t mean it. Slowly you will make it true.

Another golden rule is to remember – most things go wrong because of situations out of your control. Remember this and keep doing you.

Calm, peace and let it be. It’s okay.