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Before Going On A First Date, Read These

The chat is going on for few weeks now. Finally, you both have decided to meet on a date. Coffee, perhaps. But you are hesitant – how will the experience come out. There are so many questions – will she like you, what to say and what not and whether your smile is creepy.

All these preparation only helps if you continue on the date longer. But there is something urgent, time sensitive and needed right now.

How well are you dressed?

The Personality

Everyone has different set of parameters when choosing their romantic partner or friend. Most of them are internal qualities like funny, caring, empathetic, understanding, open-mindedness, rational view and many others.

When you click on the similar values with someone, you become happy that a bond can be formed. Which blossoms into a good friendship or a good love story down the line. But all of this didn’t happen. Because no matter how much you believe you are open-minded and rational – there is an inherent flaw in you.

Also in me and everyone else. Out of 100 people – 90 percent have this flaw. So it makes sense to call it out. And play the game around it.

The Looks

‘Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover’ is a famous quote. But the first thing you notice in a book is the cover. And then you judge it and click on the covers you like it.

The quality of the book, flow and content quality all comes secondary. You use this for sharing and reviewing. But when you first encounter the book, you judge the cover. Similarly, when you meet someone the first thing you do subconsciously is judge the other person on his looks and clothes.

If that first impression is bad then the take off would be slow or it might get impacted. Or she might drop you off before accessing your other qualities.

The Minimum

So instead of standing on your rational that looks doesn’t matter – be accepting that it is okay. Instead play the game of judgement. Go and dress impeccably, smile and smell nice. These are the basic things you can do so the first impression is a strong one.

Of course, you need to possess the qualities like being funny, passionate, caring and all other things. But remember it all starts with the first judgement. Take time to invest in the dressing game.

Below are some basics to remember:

  • Don’t overdress
  • Perfume is a must
  • Clean clothes always
  • Style your hair
  • Trim your nails
  • Table manners are a must
  • Look in the eyes
  • Smile, laugh – be genuine about it

That’s it. Go and dress yourself up in a nice way. And show the usual awesome that you are. Good luck.

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