Be Supple And Resilient

Not only a cool word, but it is also something you aspire to. To bend, be flexible.

The Story Of Lucille

The world is going to change, and it’s inevitable, what are you going to do.

It doesn’t matter what your ambitions are; things will change faster than your expectations.

So being supple is a choice.

Lucille Ball made a video about new kind of technology, and she kept changing as per the latest technology. She was the first woman to run a studio in Hollywood.

If it weren’t for her, then you wouldn’t have gotten Star Trek or Mission Impossible.

She didn’t insist that the world mustn’t change. Nor she assumed that her way of working would remain the same.

Similarly, in sports, you need to keep changing your strategy, or you will get stuck when opposition changes their approach.

Imagine if everyone invested your money with a specific belief. Then when the world changes, your brittle strategy will hurt you.

7 Elements Making It Difficult To Be Resilient And Supple: This affects anyone who is trying to make money and having a career.


If your scale is significant, then it is difficult to change when the world changes. Suddenly if the neighborhood becomes vegan, Mcdonalds can’t change quickly.

This doesn’t mean big means wrong. It just means for you it is a tough decision because you need to change in 10000 locations, and there is a considerable risk. All because of scale.

Rule About Money

If you run out of money, then it isn’t easy to be supple. So if you can run in a dry period, you can change when the world changes.

Bottom line, have some cash reserves.

Choosing To Talk

Often, when the world changes, you might think that when you don’t talk, it will go away.

It doesn’t.

This happened with Microsoft. Bill Gates was two years late to give a memo to all the employee about changing world – the internet.

You have to face it. So you can catch up. Microsoft future would be different if they talked about it two years earlier.

Steve Ballmer was arrogant when he said that iPhone was not going to take off.

He was refusing to talk about the shift that was happening. That’s the only way to evolve your thinking and the way ahead.


You have to make a choice. Either you can insist that it isn’t fair and not accept change. Or you can dance with it.

It’s raining outside. It doesn’t matter your plan has been canceled because of it. Or that because of rain you wouldn’t get any customer.

It’s still gonna rain. Acknowledge that the world is changing is different than denying that it isn’t.

Indeed Seth was a victim of not being mindfulness. When he was running Yoyodyne. Most of the work was run by email.

Someone introduced Seth to the early internet, and he neglected it.

This cost Seth 1 year to catch up and so many missed opportunities like buying domains or creating search engines. All this because Seth was brittle and he was ignoring when the world was changing.


It’s all a choice. Being resilient is a choice, so choose to be not brittle.

Bias For Experiment

Fruit flies are a fast evolving creature and have a short life span. So they reproduce in huge numbers. And thus, those who get along with their current environment, evolve.

There is a bias among people with high-status career and organization to be right. But then it means you aren’t experimenting. That means you aren’t doing what got you here.

You aren’t evolving by not experiment, which is a mistake.

Once you have enough resources and scale, then you are in a position like Lucille Ball to keep cycling.

How Fast Are Your Cycles

This is related to the idea of quitting from Seth’s book Dip.

Consider you are going to open a bookstore to sell books. But many of those are out of business because the world changed.

Maybe you are a violin seller; it doesn’t matter to her because her scale of selling one violin remained the same when the world changed. It’s enough for her.

Bill gram presents an artist who can bring something by having connections with the venue owners.

Music changes, and it always will be but bill gram can always present.

So the challenge going forward is – the world changed, how to go about it.

Have a scale which allows to change along with times.

Don’t fall in love with the medium; fall in love with the mission.


  • Two percent of people return the product, and they didn’t like the design.

You have access that all the upset customers are reaching out with their complaint. Once you are past that, then 2 percent or even 10 percent of the return is okay.

Of course, try to work on your product or service based on two people who return your product.

But if doing that would break it for the rest of the 98 percent then gladly give them the money back.

Don’t take this as an excuse for doing sloppy work. You have to make your work awesome, be better, and receive feedback.

But this will always result in some people not liking it. Ninety percent of people wanting your product is an impressive ratio.

Don’t shy from creating, impacting and changing lives just because some small, minuscule percentage of your customers didn’t like it.

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