Be Respectful

Be Respectful

When your mom starts to scold you, you shout back - don't beat me. The scream is loud. You did the mistake of taking money from your mom's purse without permission. But now, you don't want to be scolded. You think of yourself as the big boy.

Your mom responds - 'be respectful'. And all you do in return is be more disrespectful.

The legacy is simple. If you are young then respect the older. Because they have come before you. And this culture is prevalent in many Asian countries especially India. So, doesn't matter if the older person is good or bad, you like them or not. When you meet someone old especially from your relatives, you are expected to show respect.

But now, thanks to Internet - you have the new thinking. Respect isn't something tied to the age. But it's according to the skills and your personal attachment.

So, you have redefined how you are going to give respect.

All of this sounds good. But what if you gave respect in general. And only when people are bad - you stop interacting. There is no need to disrespect when you can avoid them.

Mental Model: How others treat you is a mere reflection of how they are as a human being. This applies to you too. And most comments - however bad isn't personal. Let things go, smile and be respectful.