Based On Your Survey

Selling apple juice on the streets is a tough job – not because of the heat, pressure to pull the cart, exhaustion, or huge upfront cost. The challenge is to convince the customers to buy an apple drink from the streets.

The narrative goes like this – if you are poor, then you buy mostly from the streets, and if you are relative rich then you buy from the closed market places.

Apple is a fruit which is devoured by the rich. Poor people couldn’t afford to have apples every day.

The whole business revolves around selling something which is like pushing the car uphill. It’s possible but why would you do it anyway.

And many people are buying that apple juice from the street, all your analysis seems to fail. Hence, you decide to do the survey. You go about and ask the people would they prefer apple juice from the street and all of them denied. Many people said that they would not drink apple juice every day because it’s costly and if they wanted to, then they would drink it from some high standard place. But the reality was much different, what was going on…

The Potential Mate

Falling in love is the easy part because most of the times, you are falling in love with the idea of the person. The hard part is to sustain the relationship to marriage and beyond.

Talking, spending time, and making that connection is a time taking process. And you hope to do it right, so you do the survey. You take the help from your lady friends, and they all help you. The advice ranges from giving chocolates, traveling, partying, gifting her things to spending time with her.

You write it down and plan out a strategy to go and use all the things at your disposal. And after 1 month and dating 3 girls, you realize none of the things are working.

The reality is in stark contrast with what was told to you. And now you are frustrated because you can’t have a good relation.

What’s going on here, the survey was done, and all ladies told the truth, but still, you failed. Is there any way you could decipher this and make real progress. You want anything which doesn’t come from a survey result because you are not sure about those anymore.

The Truth Which Is Lie

When you ask something their wish, they might give answers which are lies. There can be many reasons for this so you need to find the underlying truth.

For example, in relationship example, when you ask someone what a potential partner needs, they are often telling it from their experience. So you need to take the advice but keep on tweaking as per your experience.

The same applies with the apple juice vendor. In that case, people might be telling the truth, but that was about the apple juice. The vendor would be selling a juice which is a flavored apple, so the people are buying the story. Of course, they can’t afford an apple juice every day. But they can afford to buy the story, and thus the business flourishes.

The crux is that you need to learn to read the underlying fact, the ideas and the actual truth people want.

They aren’t hiding anything deliberately, and so you need to push them to find what they desire.

A quick example would be you desiring to meet the Beatles at any cost because you are a fan. But if the Beatles came to your city and the price is too much, chances are you might not buy the ticket.

The Path Going Forward

Life isn’t a simple, linear thing which you can understand and make decisions. Instead, it is a complex thing which has many grey areas.

So it doesn’t matter where you want to excel – career, business, or relationship, you need to do the survey. Not because it will give you the correct answer every time but to get a basic idea. Then you need to test those answers with little risk and then make your analysis.

Once done, you can find the hidden truth which you can use to make your career better, make more impact in business and make long-lasting relationship.

Your friend might say she wants to see you every day. Don’t jump and see her every day; she might get annoyed. Instead, test it – increase the frequency a little and understand her mannerism. And only then move ahead with whatever the result you find.

Don’t take everything at face value – there is a layer of many phases, truths and desires. I hope you find the success, keep understanding deeper, with intricate details, and be open.