B2B Sales

Taking the public task ahead from the Seth Godin’s challenge. Here are some of the things you need to consider being a freelancer.

What is your client afraid their boss will think if they say yes?

If they say yes then they need to make the boss feel better. Because their promotion or raise is affected by this. And for boss, their annual report needs to reflect better and this decision needs to look good.

What would your client tell their boss to explain why they bought from you?

Rest could provide a generic service. And I provided the best in class service. But the real draw is the human understanding of the project. And delivering on the nuanced details.

What would you like them to tell their boss?

I would like them to tell that they got more value of money by spending on me. Because the experience would be easy as I would understand their needs instantly. And deliver in a way which resolves their deep conflicts.

That’s it. Now go make something.