Assumptions Are Bound To Be Wrong

Your decision is often based on certain assumptions. For example, if you need to choose between 2 careers – then you assume how they will shape your life. And with much deliberation you choose one, but chances are you didn’t choose the best one.

And you can’t go back and verify – you get one chance. The scale is just – whether you are happy with the outcome.

Maybe the path which you choose wasn’t the best – but since you have traveled only one path you are happy with what you got. So it doesn’t matter because you are happy. And that is the most important metric after you have survived and splurged.

Other times, you get to see the clear winner. When there is 2 ways to go home – you make the calculation – assumption being one of them and then choose one path.

Your sister goes on another route – at the end you get to see a clear winner. And you can guess which one assumption helped.


Assumptions are bad in relationship because you take the knowing, telling and communication out of the equation. And there comes the entry of bad feelings – often blindsiding you with many variables.

When you don’t talk and let the subtle hints take control, there is chance of misunderstanding which leads to stress, anger and repulsion. And in relationship most of the times your assumptions are bound to be wrong. And it is okay because you thought of the worst possible scenario.

How about you think of the best case scenario?

Doing that won’t make your assumptions true – the fact is somewhere in between. But by thinking about situations with optimism helps in less stress.

And in relationships, don’t let assumptions lurk around longer. Kill by talking asap. If you can’t do that then let your brain think of a positive version to help you elevate from that toxic situation. If you can’t get rid of it then at least make it palatable.


When you take on some project, you have to go in with some assumption. That it will pan out or it will bring out the desired change.

And you have to stick with it for a long time. For example, putting out your dance video for the world to see might come with an assumption that you are good and people would love to see that video. Soon your assumption will come out as true – or it might go wrong.

This happened with me and still is happening. I put out my dance videos thinking they are good. But the world breaks my assumption within minutes.

And this is the beauty of assumptions – they are wrong most of the times. You learn from them to try them again.

So I learn more and put out videos again with assumptions and boom it is broken again. This will happen enough times until it doesn’t. And there you have it – the victory.

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