Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can write text. So they can write product description. But reviews need to come from human – that’s the whole point.

Because whatever the product you are selling – it’s for human consumption. And although, AI can make up something which seem genuine. All you would really care for is the human reviews. And you can use AI to make reviews seem like human.

But you will gain short term success. Sooner people will realize they can’t review. And you are manufacturing reviews.

AI can write story learning from what’s already there. Humans still can imagine better. And make better analogies.

AI couldn’t write Harry Potter before Harry Potter already existed. It’s human who comes up with stories so unique and craft them with heart. AI can learn and make assumptions. And so, it can be used by authors to help them write stories. But it can’t as of now replace authors who write thrilling stories.

AI makes predictions on how things will work and then give you the answer that’s helpful. However, the unpredictability comes from human.

AI Already Exists

There were things only humans could do. And slowly machines started doing those things. So here is how the AI conversation goes. You were able to lift weights in construction sites and do it as a job. And you talked how some day AI will do that job and you will lose your job.

But then machines came and started doing the job. But as soon as it did the job, you didn’t call them AI. You called them machines. And now AI was something which could do a new job which you were doing.

And slowly, you kept on improving what you did as a job. And machines helped along the way. But they weren’t called AI once they accomplished the thing. AI was something always in the future.

When and if such a time comes that AI does a job and there is no new job to replace – then AI will be called AI.

For example, yes assembling cars was a job once done by humans. But now machines do it. However new jobs emerged – software coding, supervision and making chips. Soon, AI will do those jobs. And then new jobs emerges. The cycle keeps on going until there are no new jobs. That’s a worrisome thing.

To Serve Human

Whatever you do – as a company, you are doing to serve humans. That’s the whole point. Because if you aren’t doing that, then it’s a bad thing.

The human civilization depends on each other like any other species.

One of the bad futures might be – a collective of rich people who will commission AI and fire all people. Make them slaves and live off like kings.

One of the bright futures might be – a collective of rich people who will commission AI and all the jobs will be done by AI. Farming, making clothes, driving and everything. Humans doesn’t need to do anything. So, everyone will live equally forever. The robots will keep doing their job. And humans will get food, clothing and vacation for everyone.

Now, humans will have free time in their hand. They can invest in things they wish. Like movies, singing, dancing, painting – whatever they feel like.

Maybe you like farming – no worries, go and do some farming alongside robots. You can do anything. You don’t need to. There is no need because robots do everything. And there is no incentive because everyone gets an amazing lifestyle.

This is the ideal future of AI done right. But the equation it depends on the heart of rich people. Because only they commission AI projects.

We Have Failed

Yes, AI seems amazing. Going to Mars is cool. And spending billions in warfare is justified. But as long as there is even a single human who isn’t fed, clothed and given shelter – I think we have failed as a human civilization.

There is enough resources for everyone to be fed, clothed and shelter. Yes, some are poor and don’t work. That’s okay. But we as a human civilization have grown to great levels. If you are born a human, then they shouldn’t have to worry about food, cloth and shelter. Not spectacular but basic things.

No human’s stomach should go by a day unfed. That’s a failure. Billions are spent in war, exploration and so much more.

Billions should be spent also to feed people. If that’s not enough, then sanction projects such that it can be possible. Cheap food, water and shelter for everyone should be given once they are born as a human. Rest they can earn in a social structure. But if they don’t – they should be given a basic decent life.

AI & Humans

Remember, if AI isn’t servicing humans in the end then that’s a failure. Humans shouldn’t be worse when AI comes because AI is created to service human civilization.

Like I said, they should work hand in hand – either AI should allow everyone to live an amazing lifestyle. Or they should work alongside humans to make humans life easier.

Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s growing fast. It’s time policies considering these are made to safeguard humans.