Artificial Intelligence Is Neither Artificial Nor Intelligent

In -1970s, a Hungarian inventor built the giant chess-playing computer and beat many great chess players at that time. It seemed like a miracle, but any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from a miracle. Credit: Arthur C Clarke

The Start

But all of this was bluff, there was a chess master hidden who would make the pieces move with a magnet. Nonetheless, this was the start for the seed of Artificial Intelligence.

In 1979, researchers came up with a system to identify treatment based on blood infection. And it got the right answer 65 percent of the time compared with 45 percent of the time when top human experts did the same.

The Depiction

Artificial Intelligence also makes for good fiction. And most of them depict AI as some sort of evil genius taking over the world.

It seems like AI will take over humans in the long term.

What Is AI?

The best definition of AI is everything a computer can’t do yet.

Consider this, you can now buy a computer which will defeat you in chess every single time. The people from 1770s will agree that it is AI. But for us, we have changed the bar, hence the definition.

The Limitation

Alan Turing wrote about Turing test – can you tell apart human from the bot by interrogating them with anything but a factual question.

But AI researches didn’t spend too much time on this. Instead, they focused on task AI can do and not on intelligence.

Take chess – at any moment, the next move is limited by rules. So the computer can compute and counter. But AI doesn’t know what to do when an unexpected situation happens.

Good Vs. Bad

If you give the computer some bounded environment and variables then sooner or later it will get good. Because they are good at the task.

You might get confused, thinking this is intelligence – it isn’t. The transition of what computers can do is happening fast.

Hence if you have a job where you do the task then AI will take over.

Moving Forward

The opportunity is to move from task to project. You take a decision, lead, organise assignments, take responsibility, and use soft skills to connect and be generous.

These are the things AI can’t do. AI is programmed by a human, and yet no one takes responsibility. It’s easy to blame the system – but taking responsibility makes you human and more valuable.

AI isn’t going to judge, make a conscious decision – you will be one take that decision.


  • Is social media the best way to share your message to the world?

You need to focus on building an asset. When you post something on Facebook, you get a large audience – so you do it often sending more of your audience over there. Then one day, Facebook introduces a boost button, so you pay when you need to reach the same audience.

Hence you are reliant on their algorithm. In essence, you are building assets for them, not yours.

The best way to go is to find permission despite the medium. So you are missed if you didn’t show up.