Are You Sure It's Grey

As you move ahead in the forest, you see the light getting dimmed and the fear of animals kicks in. You pace yourself to reach the camp which is nearby. The light is getting dimmer and the night creatures are starting to come out of their homes.

You don’t want to get trapped in the forest because the help won’t come until sunlight. And there is no safe place to sleep the entire night.

And if it rains, the situation will transition to a bad. With your body wet, you can’t sleep even if there was a slight chance beforehand. The insects from the sand below will come to the ground and some of them might be dangerous.

If a big enough animal comes by then fighting with it is gonna prove in vain. You can’t fight someone with big nails and teeth and survive.

Hearts start to get a pounding, with every step the little hallucinations kicks in. You start hearing the noise which ain’t there and the seeing some glimpse of faces in the bushes.

You run and then fell down – a loud cry is heard. This is your painful cry which is your last resort. You see your friends standing by – it seems you almost reached the camping area when you fell down. You let a sigh of relief and then go back in the tent to tell a story of courage and passion.

But when is it a night from the day – what is the dividing thing. How much of dark it has to be when it becomes night?

The Grey Area

When you see a black color, it isn’t 100 percent black. But you say it is black as long as it seems black. Same goes for white. But when do you say it is grey. The first guess is to assume there is a divider – like 50 percent white and 50 percent black will become grey.

But what will happen if you mix 49 percent white and 51 percent black – chances are you will still say it grey.

And what point will you say either black or white and stop saying it grey?

The answer is – it depends. On what you call grey as per your terms. And someone else will call it differently. For every person, there is a different range. For example, I will say grey as long as no less than 35 percent is mixed on each side up to a maximum of 65 percent.

For you, it might be 40 and 60. So although as per science and written rules, a grey is 50-50 of both white and black, it is different for every other individual including you and me.

Are You Bad

So what is bad behavior – it depends.

Of course, the law states it clearly but you will let go of many things as per your range. For example, you might not complain if someone steals your sandwich out of your tiffin for one day. Or you might not call police when someone hits you, rather you might pacify her and calm her down.

So whatever the attribute, for humans there is a range and the tolerance depends upon it. When you put your work for the world to see, someone will criticize it. So you have to access what their range is for good work.

For trolls, everything is bad but for a person with experience about culture, little nuances count. Everything becomes subjective given the huge range in population, diversity, experience, and situation.

This further adds to the perspective game – how it is different for all of us. Even if there are strict barriers written in.