Are You Still Chasing Marks?

Your childhood was awesome – you get to play at playgrounds, no distraction from mobile phones and no computer at homes. So you played like crazy. Now the times have changed. And many kids prefer to play video games – which is fine until you only play them.

There needs to be a balance of offline and online games. So that your mind and body both get to exercise.

But the system which declared you were an awesome kid was flawed in many ways and still is.

You need to rote learn many of the things. And even if you didn’t understand a thing, you can still get so-called good marks. The questions are limited and there is no creativity expected.

There are some finite problems given – and the same would come in the exam. Rote learn them and get the marks, go to the next class and repeat the cycle. Of course, kids still learn a lot who put in an effort. And there are exceptional teachers. But the system rewards the one who can rote learn it all.

And the pressure from parents, society, and school to get more marks as if they would get you a high paying job. Which we all know ain’t true anymore.

School Is Broken

New types of school are emerging and they are awesome. But they are still in beta and not in every corner of the world.

So for at least next decade, there is going to be the same type of schools and learning system. The question is what are you gonna do?

Would you still chase for marks from your kids or you would allow them to explore, teach them at home and allow them to learn at their own pace – despite getting low marks.

Of course, they need the marks the minimum required to pass. But beyond that, you can encourage them to solve difficult problems, engage in overall human interaction and grow as a person. Yes, you can do that and there is no need to wait. Let the school run as it is – until it changes. But you start focusing on learning for your kids.

Because as a parent that is the minimum and best you can do for them. The teachings you put in them will guide them to carve a path for themselves.

Going Forward

Yes, you shouldn’t stop your kids from going to public school. Because interaction with other kids is necessary. So go ahead and enroll them but keep teaching at your home.

Tell them to not focus much on marks – it is fine if they just pass. As long as they focus on learning, solving problems and not relying on tricks to get more marks.

Start this as a process and they will thank you for the future they will have. It all starts today with you as a parent and your expectation.

Don’t let the society tell you what to do – it is in your hands and how you handle learning – which will decide their overall growth. And not get trapped in the archaic education system. Let’s start today – stop chasing for marks, focus on learning.