Are You Ready For Competition?

Writing is the start of many creative expression. When you are coding, you are writing it down. You can write prose, poetry, books, ideas, command, loose ends and many other things.

Each one of it requires a different kind of skill set and practice. If you are writing poetry every day for your life, reading about them and understanding it then you are bound to become good at it. You can still write books, recipe, and other things. But if it doesn’t connect with poetry then you will find it hard. Not impossible, but a long journey to write something you will be proud of.

So many writers stick to their core expression. Poets write poetry, storytelling writes fictional stories, leaders write personal development articles and books. You can mix all of them but then you need to practice each one of them every day.

You write poems every day, learn about them and write to make the world ponder. A mix of philosophy and rhyme – exactly what the world is craving for.

And then the big day comes…

The Competition

You get to know about the scriptwriting competition where if you win, there is a huge cash prize. So you put aside your poetry writing for now and focus on writing a script.

But apparently, that’s tough – because the format is totally different from a normal writing session.

You need a whole story to fill in 90 pages, think about many angles to have a unique story which hasn’t been told before. After writing something for straight 5 days, you come to the conclusion that the story isn’t going nowhere.

And the competition deadline is nearing. You decide that you will write 1 headline for each of the 90 pages and then flesh out the story. After writing 30 or headline – you realize it’s going nowhere. So you scrape it off. But now there isn’t much time left for the competition.

You take it as a defeat. Vow to try next time and starts writing poetry back again. The same old philosophy with the rhyme.


This approach works well in your mind. But not in reality because you will find yourself struggling to write scripts again the next time competition comes up. The right time to start writing scripts isn’t when something comes up. It is way before, that is your practice time.

This analogy fits in everything you might wanna do in your life. You don’t get prepared when there comes a dance competition.

You do the dance every day, figuring out yourself and leveling up. So when the dance competition comes, you just have to show up.

Or consider the case of your yearly review, you shouldn’t start making a report when the deadline comes. You have to do it every day so when the big day comes, you just have to show up.

That is how you propel yourself and get the best in life. Whatever it is you want to excel in, get opportunities and become something – start working on it now. Don’t wait for some outside marker to start your journey. It starts with you – go ahead and make something every day starting today.